Creativity Boost! Work from different locations

There are many great benefits if you choose the life of a digital nomad or even working from
home. This kind of lifestyle is getting extremely popular as today’s biggest workforce, the
Millennials, are preferring to have jobs outside the office and explore the world. However, it’s
not all dreamy when we’re talking about digital nomads. A lot of people who have chosen
this type of lifestyle are struggling with productivity and balancing their personal and
professional lives.
Let’s face it, it can be really tempting to work on your laptop near a white sand beach on an
exotic destination, right? Well, if you choose to be a digital nomad, you will have to motivate
yourself every day. Working from different locations can truly boost your creativity if you are
disciplined, focused and dedicated to achieving your professional goals.


Finding your “office”

Being a digital nomad, your office can be everything and everywhere! You can work from the
nearest coffee shop, your accommodation, bench in the park or any other place that has a
good Internet connection. To rephrase the popular saying: “Office is where the WIFi is!”
Each location you arrive at, you should first find the place where you will feel most
comfortable and focused to work. Changing locations and experiencing new things every
day can truly boost your creativity but you will need to find the place where you will transform
this creativity into work.
Once you’ve found your ‘’office’’, ensure you are able to dedicate enough hours to do your
job properly. For instance, if you work in the coffee shop where your friends stop by
regularly, it will be a lot harder for you to work. Also, inform the people you’re hanging out
with that you need to work as some might assume you are just surfing the web. In other
words, you will need to set boundaries if you wish to fully enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle.


New experiences

We already mentioned that new experiences boost your creativity. When you’re visiting new
places, you will probably have a new adventure every day. Such things have proven to
significantly improve the level of your creativity as well as productivity. Meeting new people
and cultures opens your mind and helps you think in ways you have never done before. After
all, this type of lifestyle wouldn’t have a point if you would just be working in different
locations. You have to experience them!
A lot of today’s digital nomads are equally passionate about their travelling as they are about
their jobs. When you choose to do something you love and have the opportunity to do it from
all over the world, it’s much easier to be efficient. Of course, discipline is key when talking
about travelling and working. Always make sure that you are doing plenty of activities in both


Good planning

To be good at what you do as a digital nomad, you will have to plan carefully all your
activities. Prepare the list of things you wish to visit in the city where you’re currently staying
and plan the time when you will do that. At the same time, add all your work activities in the
schedule. Use one schedule for your leisure and work time. This way, it will be easier for you
to organize your time and see when you have more free time to focus on your work or
exploring new places.

Things to consider

If you’re considering becoming a digital nomad, we bring you things you should keep in mind
before deciding:
1. Having enough money to cover all your travelling expenses.
2. Travelling to places that have a good Internet connection.
3. Booking accommodation with adequate rooms so you have enough sleep and rest.
4. You will need to be very organized and disciplined with your schedule.
5. You have very good communication skills.
6. It would be good for you if you already have some travelling experience.
7. You are comfortable with new cultures, especially food.
8. It is easy for you to adapt and you are not afraid of the unexplored.


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