A Digital Workplace – Where will the future take us?


The concept of a workplace has tremendously changed over the last several years. An office
is no longer the first thing that comes to mind when talking about work. Today’s employees,
led by the Millennials, are completely transforming workplaces as we know them and
evolving them into a more connected, but flexible, collaborative and opened way of working.
This cultural change created a new concept called digital workplace in which everything
happens online and the only certain place of business is online.
Many companies now have employees working from all around the world. Some of them
work from their homes, others work from coffee shops or co-working spaces. The need to
work what they love from the place they feel most comfortable is the main characteristic of
this concept for new generations. So, what can we expect when talking about the future of a
digital workplace? What consequences will this new concept bring to the business world?


Transforming the workplace

Today’s employees don’t see their workplace as a static environment, such as an office they
come to Monday through Friday from nine to five. They dislike the idea of going to the same
place over and over again and, more importantly, working during the specific hours.
Nowadays, everything can become a workspace. This led to many companies actually
embracing such concept and employing people based on their set of skills and not on their
location. For instance, remote work allows employers to choose the best candidate who
might not be chosen a few years ago because he is not able to come to the office every day.
A digital workplace is actually full of benefits for both sides. Employers can choose from
candidates all around the world and employees can work for companies that can help them
develop their skills regardless of the country they are living in. Not to mention that by
choosing a concept of digital workplace over traditional one, an employer will have
significantly lower costs than paying for the office space and everything else that comes with

Challenges for the digital workplace

Even though the digital workplace has the word digital in itself, this is so much more than just
a technological revolution. It’s a cultural revolution which completely transformed and is still
transforming our lives. However, it would be unfair to say this concept doesn’t have its
challenges which are still not solved.
For instance, companies need to put more effort into communication so their team members
know exactly what should be done and understand the bigger picture. Due to the employees
living in different locations, some processes might need additional explanation. Also, we
can’t forget that even though it’s called a digital workplace, it still needs to have a certain
organizational structure and each process needs to have certain stages to run a successful


The future of the digital workplace

If these challenges are solved efficiently and employees feel like they truly are a part of the
company, we can say that the future of digital workplace will be bright and beneficial for both
sides. But, technologies such as AI, AR and automation are only starting to impact the digital
workplace. Huge potential lies in these technologies as cyber security is yet another
challenge which businesses are facing today, especially those who manage data that need
additional security. Luckily, these technologies are offering the solution to cyber threats and
so much more.
With so many apps and platforms created specifically for a digital workplace, there’s no
doubt that this concept is here to stay. It might change as a result of a new generation and
their characteristics but the static environment is slowly becoming replaced by dynamic and
better-connected businesses, especially in the fields such as IT, design, marketing, and
other creative jobs.

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